‘black African woman’ (bAw) is a Christ-centred ministry that was founded in 2015 when a young woman, Sonia Dube, decided to start sharing her story in hopes of encouraging others like her.

Today, we are an online and Johannesburg-based community that seeks to offer black African women authentic sisterhood, counsel, support and inspiration for any issues they may be facing in all spheres of their life.

Our deepest desire is to lead you to Christ so that He can help you to see Him, yourself and others right because we believe that is where healing and wholeness stems from.

Welcome sis. Check out some of our current projects below. We hope you stay a while and journey with us 🙂

bAw Uncensored on YouTube

We spend most of our time lately on YouTube talking about issues that impact us as black African women from believing in love to navigating careers, or sometimes feeling like the odd one out in our environments.

We’d love for you to come join our conversations and let us know some issues/topics that are dear to your heart that you’d like us to get into.

You can check out our YouTube channel here.

Our Events

We absolutely enjoy coming together with our tribe of bAwses (black African women who are bosses in their own right – that’s you!).

We have hosted numerous events since 2017, and more recently decided to host #FreedomTalks where we get to go into more intimate conversations about what true freedom in Christ looks like in our everyday lives.

Hit us up at info@blackafricanwoman.org for more deets on these get-togethers!

bAw Innkeepers

Sabbath 14 March 2020

A big part of our mission involves meeting the needs of the poor, widowed, orphaned, homeless or societally disadvantaged as Christ did while on Earth (please see Isaiah 42:6-7). These are some of the most significant matters on His heart for us as His servants. More importantly, we believe that the greatest impact happens when we can work with individuals while they are still young.

Therefore, our aim is to seek out young black African girls in this position in order to bring the light of Christ into their lives. We decided to start with one group for now and have partnered with Invisible Hand NPO to work with the girls in the settlement they support.

To find out how you can partner with us in setting these young souls free, contact us at info@blackafricanwoman.org.